4 Ways Introverts Are Different Than Extroverts In The Workplace


The world has always seemed like it is really cut out for extroverts- even in the workplace.

Everything from the office atmosphere, meetings, networking and everything else that goes along with having a career.

Introverts and extroverts are different at many things, including how they perfer to work.

When you  go to job interviews and even work at a job (that you may or may not like), you probably think of the many things that go along with it, including how many jobs are geared more towards extroverts.

For example, many introverts dread working in an office full of coworkers. The constant small talk, gossip and everything else that goes along with working in an office can be very displeasing for introverts.

It does seem like extroverts tend to have an advantage in the workplace, since they typically come off as friendly, sociable and outgoing.

The truth is, there are a lot of careers and even job interview questions that are really are geared towards extroverts.

How many times have you been to a job interview and they ask why you would be great for that particular position?

You just know the interviewers are expecting you to say something along the lines of “I am great for this position because I love to be around people and I am very outgoing!”

But that isn’t the truth for everyone. Introverts do love many different kinds of people- for the most part, but being around people all day can be exhausting.

But we wouldn’t necessarily bring that up in a job interview, because it would probably be taken as a negative trait.

It isn’t that we do not have strengths that we cannot bring to the workplace though. We introverts can bring a lot to the workplace.

How introverts are different than extroverts in the workplace and how they can excel at work. #Introvert #Personaldevelopment #Work

1. Introverts Can Work Independently (and really enjoy it)

Many jobs have duties that say things such as “must be able to work independently,” and everyone jumps right in and says, “of course I can work independently!”

But really for a lot of people, especially extroverts, it can get tiring for them since they get their energy from many types of social interaction.

For introverts, we can work independently and we love just about every minute of it.

We definitely do not need a supervisor to look over our shoulder and make sure we are doing everything we need to be doing.

Sure it is fun to occasionally do something with a group of coworkers for a project, but overall we prefer to work independently.

But do not mistake that for introverts not being able to be apart of groups as well- when we need to. We can bring a lot to group projects and make awesome teammates (read more about that in a bit).

2. We Tend to be More Aware of our Surroundings

Projects taking longer than expected?

More efficient ways to do things around the workplace?

Different policies and procedures not working out as planned?

Issues between other coworkers?

Trust me; introverts are already on the ball about knowing all of this.

We tend to sit back and really take in our surroundings and what is really going on.

We may not speak up quite as often as we should, but if we are one on one with a supervisor perhaps this would be easier than expecting us to speak up in front of a room full of coworkers about a certain issue.

For example in a meeting, just because we are not constantly talking we are listening; in fact we are probably taking in more information than those around us.

This way we can really think about what we want to say, so we can make sure that it is really what we want to say.

We like to think of ourselves as insightful people and sometimes that can be difficult to do if we were to simply blurt something out quickly.

We observe, we feel, we can be intitutive and we tend to be more sensitive towards other people’s feelings and emotions.

This way, we can be fully constructed once we say what we are really feeling, whether it is in a meeting, with coworkers or with our boss.

3. Introverts Care Deeply About The Work We Do (for the most part)

If you are like me and are an INFJ, you should be being doing something that you at least enjoy, even if you are not quite passionate about it.

In other words, introverts want to have meaningful work, whether or not they pursue it is up to them obviously.

Overall, introverts love doing something they have always dreamed of doing. Boredom and stressful work situations can easily lead to being unmotivated and even worse, burnout.

If we are working for you, chances are we love our job. We do not just show up and work just for a paycheck (although that is nice too).

We want to further our careers, we want to learn, we want to be aware of our surroundings and yes, we want to socialize and meet new people occasionally too.

4. We Tend to Avoid Small Talk and Gossip

I feel like I am constantly reading about why people do not like their career.

The problem that I usually see isn’t always just the job itself. It is usually who they work with and what goes on at work- or the “politics” of their workplace environment.

Not surprisingly, many people like to talk with others, even if it is about non-meaningful things, but introverts tend to like more meaningful one on one conversation.

Sure, we may come off as rude sometimes to other coworkers, but once they really get to know us and maybe even spend some one on one time with us, they will probably really like us.

You probably will not find us sitting around making a lot of small talk or gossiping about the latest things that others are talking about.

We are probably in our office working on something independently and sitting around observing those around us.

What ways do you think extroverts have an advantage over introverts in the workplace, or can you think of any other advantages that introverts have over extroverts in the workplace?

How introverts are different than extroverts in the workplace and how they can excel at work. #Introvert #Personaldevelopment #Work