About Me


I am Shaylee, the owner of The Passionless Introvert.

Do any of those terms sound familiar to you?

Passionless? Introvert?

If they do sound like they describe you have found a blog for you!

First, my name is Shaylee and I live in the Midwest (in the U.S.) with my three children, daughter (8) and identical twin boys (3).

I have always loved writing even at an early age- writing anything from non-fiction stories, to writing in my diary during my middle school years (that thing is funny and embarrassing to read these days). Even throughout my high school and college years I generally loved writing essays and reports.

I do not say a lot to many people, unless I know them very well, which is why I think writing has always  been a great outlet for me. I grew up very shy and introverted, and honestly things haven’t really changed since then.

I actually wrote an article titled, “How To Live A Good Life As A Shy Introvert,” which explains how you can excel as a shy introvert!

Why Did I Start a Blog

Since I am now in my late 20’s- it has brought out a lot of emotions and feelings that have made me question my life and where I am at. Questions that I have been asking myself lately are:

Why am I not satisfied with myself?

Why am I not as happy as I think I could be?

What can I do to make myself enjoy life more?

What is my purpose here on Earth?

These questions and concerns that are going through my mind have created some unsatisfied feelings about my life and myself. I sometimes ask myself, “What if?”

You know, “what if I had made this different choice 5 years ago, would I be happier than I am right now?”

Those types of thought processes began to take over to a point where I was finally had to say to myself, just stop thinking about it and live your life.”

I decided to start a blog to write and share about topics that are very common in my life.

My life as a shy introvert, personal development, mental health, and parenting experience are just some of the topics you will see on here.

Writing on this blog is not to document my life, since this isn’t an online journal.

I inspire to help other individuals who may feel a little lost, not passionate about much, and feel as if their introversion is holding them back from really living the life they think they can be living!

Finding Out Who I Am- The Passionless Introvert

After searching for inspiration on the internet I kept hearing from different people (life coaches, mentors, etc.) that I needed to find my passion if I wanted to find my purpose.

Months have passed and I am still trying to figure out what I am passionate about.

The process at first was very frustrating, so I began asking myself, “what if I do not even have a passion?”

Does that make me abnormal to not have a passion?

If I find a passion in a few years- great!

If I don’t find a passion in a few years- that is great too!

The reason that I started a blog wasn’t to help me find a passion, but more to help others realize that you do not necessarily have to be passionate about something in order to live your life to the fullest.

It doesn’t make you a boring, useless person if you currently do not have a passion. You can have confidence, goals, and be a person who lives a fulfilling life without a particular passion.

If you have any questions please contact me here.

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