DIY Galvanized Address Flower Pots


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Spring Is Here! That Means Outside DIY Time!

Spring is here and I am already getting excited for outside house and landscaping projects! Seriously though- after being stuck in the house all winter I feel like I have so much time and energy to do things now.

Although I have slowed down some on starting and finishing DIY projects lately, not just due to winter, but mainly because they can be so time consuming. Read more about my most time consuming DIY project in my post called DIY Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Including The Mistakes I Made).

In the February of 2017 we had tree roots breaking through our plumbing pipes. The plumbers ended up having to dig up our front yard, take off our front porch, move many of our landscaping bricks out of the way. After they were finished we had no front porch and a huge pile of dirt just sitting there.

Not the best look for a front yard, but there wasn’t much we could do.

This year I decided to spruce it up a bit and add new things to help our home’s curb appeal a littlebit more. This included new landscaping bricks in the front of the house and new plants.

We fixed our front porch, so I decided the best idea would be to make something that could go up/down the steps.

I started noticing people doing different ideas with their address numbers for the front of their houses. I have seen some cute ideas like doing a DIY wood background with painted metal numbers.

I have also seen other people use clay flower pots with painted numbers on them as well.

The different ideas of what I could use for a project like this were going through my mind, when it finally came to me!

Just a week or two before I had been at Wal-Mart and saw that they had these really cute galvanized buckets in two or three  different sizes. I had looked at them, but I couldn’t decide at the time what I would do with them since I knew we wouldn’t use them for drinks (which is what they are actually for).

The buckets were almost too cute to pass up, so I had to think of something I could use them for and the address flower pot idea seemed perfect for them!

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What you will need

  1. Galvanized buckets. I used three since that is how many numbers are in our address, or you could you one larger one (read on to see ideas about that)
  2. Stencils
  3. Spray Paint
  4. Throwaway plastic gloves
  5. Q-Tips or a small paint brush (read down below for more on this too)
  6. Flowers to plant in the buckets
  7. Potting dirt for the flowers
  8. A rock or something heavy to put in the bucket so it doesn’t blow away on a windy day
  9. Wet rag w/cleaning spray of your choice

Starting the Project

The first step is to get the buckets and take them outside or somewhere safe so you can spray paint them.

To buy the exact buckets that I bought from Wal-Mart and used in this product click here.

The measurements of this exact bucket I used is only 11.41 x 11.41 x 5.70 inches.

They are not even $7 bucks (you really cannot beat that price), but if you want something a little fancier (and bigger than 11 inches) you could use something like this.* It is more pricey, but depending on what type of flowers or plants you want to put in them, it may work better for you.

The measurements of this bucket is 16.2 x 16.2 x 10.2 inches.

Or if you do not want three or four separate buckets you could use something like this* and just put all of your address numbers on this one bucket. This is also more pricey, but it is also bigger at 21 inches in length, 15 inches in width and 10 1/4 in height.

After you lay all of the buckets out take all of the stickers off of the buckets and then grab your stencils.

For the spray paint, I chose Rust-Oleum American Accents: Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. You can choose a different color if you want, and I am sure it would look great with any color.

 You can find whatever stencils you like the best, but just make sure you check what they actually look like on the back of the package before you buy them.

This is the kind from Wal-Mart that I used for this DIY project, but I wouldn’t recommend it- for this project anyway.

I didn’t look very close at them when I bought them. Once I started the project I noticed some of the numbers looked really weird and not what I was looking for. So I had to improvise a bit (read a head on that).

After you open your stencils and pick the numbers you need, get out your spray paint, and put on your plastic gloves.

Be Careful

The next part almost wrecked my entire project, or so I thought at the time it happened. First, you want to make sure that when you start spray painting the buckets, you have them tilted with the sides facing up towards you. This is so when you spray paint the buckets the paint doesn’t run all over…or so much anyway.

I did get some spray paint around the buckets in some areas, but I immediately took a wet cloth and some cleaning spray and wiped away the unwanted paint on those certain spots.

To make this part a little easier, I tried to hold a small piece of cardboard above the letters as I spray painted in order to not get so much paint everywhere. It kind of worked- you will have to find an easier way if you can.

Since I mentioned above that the stencils I picked were not really the style I wanted, I decided to do some of my own painting….with a Q-tip. It probably would have made more sense to use a small paint brush, but I have to make everything difficult it seems.

I took a Q-tip, sprayed some paint on it, and filled in the areas I didn’t like, rounded off the numbers, etc. Basically I made it look better due to the stencils looking weird and some paint dripping in spots I didn’t want it to be.

After you have completed everything above, let the buckets dry for at least 3-4 hours so you don’t accidently chip or smudge any of the paint.

When the buckets are dry, grab something small (that will fit in the bucket) and heavy. I chose a broken brick to put in each bucket. I did this so when it becomes really windy outside they won’t blow down and the flower and dirt get everywhere.

After you put the brick in you can go ahead and put your dirt and flowers in the buckets.

The Final Look

Now you are done! I have seen these types of projects being done with vinyl, which may be a better option if you do not want to deal with paint. I have no idea how to do that type of stuff, so I stuck with spray paint- which I am obviously not very good at either. Ha!

Learn how to easily make DIY galvanized address flower pots! Cheap and you only a few supplies. Learn more at #DIY #DIYProjects #Galvanized #Flowers

Have you done anything similar to this DIY project? What other ideas do you have to spruce up an address label on for a home?

*Disclosure: Some of the links listed in this article are affiliate links, which means if you buy something from my link I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! I only link products I have used. Please read my Full Disclosure Policy here.