4 Ways To Get Motivated- When You Really Do Not Feel Like It


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If you are like me, your motivation can come and go, almost in different waves as days, weeks or months go by. The process to even get motivated when you do not feel like it at all can seem like an even bigger issue than the waves- how can you possibly get motivated when you just do not feel like it?

One day you may feel like you are on the top of the world and can do anything, and the next day you feel like doing absolutely nothing and wonder why you should even bother trying anymore.

For me, often times I decide that I am going to start to eat clean, nutritious food most of the time. Some weeks it may work for me, but other weeks I just feel like I have no motivation to achieve that goal whatsoever.

The sudden lack of motivation could be due to many different things for every person. Maybe your goals have changed over time, health issues could be a culprit, you could be experiencing a mental block, or maybe you are just being a little lazy, even if you do not want to admit it.

My motivation has dropped due to all of those reasons at least time or two.

For you, maybe some examples are that you have no motivation to get up early in the morning to exercise or maybe you feel like you have no motivation at your job.

So what gives?

How can a person even begin get motivated when they absolutely do not feel like it at all?

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1. Get Motivated By Clearing Your Head From Clutter

What I mean by this is many things, actually.

For some people this may mean they need to sit back and really figure out why they have no motivation. This can be done through things like meditation, prayer, or anything similar.

Almost every night, especially on days when I feel like my motivation is running low, I sit in my bedroom, turn on my Himalayan Salt Lamp*, diffuse some essential oils and either meditate or listen to music.

This environment makes me feel relaxed and calm, where I can think clearly about what and how my body and mind is really feeling.

Clearing your head from clutter may mean that you need to take a break from things like social media and the like- perhaps it is stealing all of your motivation to do certain things and keeping you from really enjoying your life.

In my article “How to Push Past a Mental Block in Order to be Productive” I mention the difference between a mental block and procrastination. This is something that you should determine if you are having difficulties with your motivation.

That said, another thing to think about if you are having constant lack of motivation is that it could be due to a medical condition, such as depression.

This is something you should talk to your doctor about and discuss which options would be best for you.

Another medical condition that could be contributing to your loss of motivation is called adrenal fatigue. Read more about my struggle with this in my post, “How I Got Rid of My Health Anxiety Naturally.”

2. Decide On One Goal/Task And Go With It

Ask yourself this question, “Am I really unmotivated or do I have too many things going on at once.”

When a person has so many things going on in their life they may become overwhelmed and decide that they just do not want to do any of it.

Or worse, they keep completing all of those tasks, and then run themselves down emotionally, physically and mentally to a point where they are severely burned out.

For example, say that a mom has her kids play 5 different sports, go to 3 different after school activities, she is on the PTA at school, she volunteers so many hours a week for her church and on top of that she works a 40 hour week job.

It is no wonder this woman is probably worn out and tired- and suddenly has no motivation. Everyone wants to help others and feel good about themselves, but a person should know when they need a break.

Instead, decide on one goal/task that you really want to do and go for it. Stop doing things just to please others and think of yourself more often when you find yourself in these types of situations.

3. Find People Who Inspire You

This may seem weird and you may be thinking, “Well how will this help my motivation?”

But this has worked for me when I am feeling low on motivation.

I listen to inspiring podcasts; find inspiring blogs, and/or inspiring uplifting people to follow in Instagram.

Let’s say that you are not feeling motivated at your job. You could find a good podcast that specifically talks about work related stress and work struggles.

Or say you are feeling very overwhelmed and unmotivated when it comes to being a mom. Find an inspiring mom podcast that talk about the struggles of motherhood and how they overcame it.

There are basically podcasts about any subject- I am sure you can find something that will inspire you!

Be careful when you do this though. I have followed certain people on Instagram and after some time following them I began to think to myself,

“Is their life always so perfect?”

“Do their kids really always smile in pictures?”

“How does she always look like she is ready to go out on the town?”

“How do she husband and her always get along so well?”

Comparison. Yes it is real and it can be hard to distinguish between a person who just wants a lot of followers on social media, and a real, genuine person who wants to show the world, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Try to find real, genuine people to inspire you. You will know over time if they are being real or not. They will probably be upfront and honest about their life struggles and worries. Life isn’t always fun and exciting. These are the types of people who you want to inspire you!

4. Just Do It

Thanks to Nike, this has been one of my favorite quotes for a long time.

It has been so true for me.

For example, take exercising. For the longest time exercising was not a part of my daily routine. It was always in the back of my mind like, “Oh yes, I should really work out today.” But it never happened. Something better always came up.

But once I started giving up the excuses as to why I was not having exercise as a part of my daily routine, I literally “just did it.”

As the days and weeks went by I found myself loving exercise and what my body was capable of doing (ok, and maybe not capable of doing in some aspects- yes I am talking to you push ups).

I thought of all of the people who would do anything to get up and exercise, but they couldn’t do to physical limitations. This actually really pushed me to get up and move my body- what if one day my body physically does not let me move it the way it does right now?

For you, this may mean doing something at your job that you just have not had the motivation to do. Say you have a big project coming up and you have no motivation to do it.

First, you could do something that may make you feel happy and get you in a better mood. Maybe this means buying yourself a cup of iced coffee or maybe having your favorite treat at your desk while you do your work project.

Next, tackle the project by doing the smallest tasks first, and then moving your way up to the bigger tasks. Next thing you know you will have the project done and over with and you will be glad you just did it!

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Motivation can be a tricky thing to deal with for each every person. What works for one person may not work for the other.

But, by trying different things such as clearing your head, deciding on one task/goal and going with it, finding inspirational people, and “just doing it,” I think that you will find your motivation will start to come back eventually.

Remember to take care of yourself during this process. Often time people work themselves so hard, it is no wonder their motivation starts slipping away.

Give yourself much needed breaks, say “no” to pleasing others and learn how to discover what your body and mind can really handle.

You do not need to feel bad just because you think that you have to be everywhere, do everything, and basically ‘do it all’ for others.

Do you struggle with motivation? If so, what are some ways that help you get some of your motivation back?

* Disclosure: Some of the links listed in this article are affiliate links, which means if you buy something from my link I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! I only link products I have used. Please read my Full Disclosure Policy here.