Why You Need To Unplug And Recharge As An Introvert


Like most other introverts I tend to get drained very easily compared to other people who may not identify as an introvert.

We must unplug and recharge as introverts if we want to feel comfortable.

While there are many misconceptions about introverts, there is one fact: introvert tend to get most of their energy by spending time alone for certain amounts of time.

Introverts typically get drained from having too much socialization in a single day, but we can also get drained from almost anything else in life.

Maybe it is a job, a child, a partner, an illness, or whatever that causes stress and that draining feeling.

Basically, just like other people, introverts can get drained from everyday life situations.

While others may consider recharging as hanging out with friends or going out, this may not be true for an introvert.

And it doesn’t mean that we will necessarily lock ourselves in a room for days a time either.

A constant feeling of being drained and stressed out is not good for anyone, according to the Mayo Clinic chronic stress can create many problems physically, “such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.” 

It can also affect your mental health as well such as dealing with anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Of course no one wants to be stressed out, but it happens to almost everyone and as introverts, we must learn how to deal with it.

So what can you do to help unplug and recharge as an introvert?

How to unplug and recharge as an introvert and why it is important! #introvert #introvertproblems #selfcare #mentalhealth

1. Unplug and recharge from social media

This seems like a no-brainer for some people, but for others, social media may be their only real outlet to the outside world.

This can create a few problems:

  1. Many people are almost too dependent on social media (as hard as it is to admit)
  2. You probably are stressing yourself out even more than you would if you were not on social media
  3. You are taking away from time that you could be doing something more productive (as hard as that is to admit as well)

Even for myself it is a little painful to really face reality on those issues.

Or maybe you need to recharge from your social media by unfollowing certain people or brands.

Like many other people, I depend on social media to keep up with the outside world, espcially since I do not get out much as an introvert.

But sometimes, when I am feeling unmotivated and drained, I just sit on my phone and do basically nothing when I could be doing some more productive.

At the end of the day do I feel less drained just by sitting on my phone so much?


Other days, I do not even feel like being on social media at all because any type of socialization is just not doing it for me that day.

By spending more time one on one with my kids or even just doing something by myself such as exercising helps even more.

When I do that then I stick to only using my phone for social media at night about 30 minutes before I go to bed.

2. Get inspired from others

I talked about getting inspired from others in a previous blog post about motivation.

But motivation is also a big factor in beginning to unplug and recharge yourself.

This may mean being inspired from someone you know personally and not just someone you follow on Instagram who you have never met personally.

Maybe your close friend is really inspiring to you because she takes time for herself every once in a while without her kids.

Perhaps you will be inspired by her to take more time for yourself. You need it not only as an person, but especially since you are an introvert.

As an introvert it is easier for you to keep up with others on social media, but in reality it is probably more realistic if you are inspired by a person who you know personally.

The problem with being inspired from a person who you have never met is just that.

You haven’t met them and their life may seem so perfect on social media, when in reality it can be far from the truth.

3. Ask yourself a hard question: Is it you or something or someone else?

As mentioned above introverts tend to get drained quickly when it comes to socializing and even certain types of people.

Sometimes it isn’t what we are doing in life that is making us stressed, but sometimes it is because of something else or another person.

You probably have heard at least once in your life that no one can make you feel a certain way, but I beg to differ to a certain point.

Take children, for example, they know how to push buttons, so they will, and it can be aggravating.

But they are children, so it is almost expected that they act that way sometimes.

You can’t just get rid of them, so you deal with it the best way you know how to.

But if your partner or a close friend is constantly pushing your buttons it may be time for some type of intervention.

They are adults after all.

If your partner does nothing to help around the house or helps with the children maybe, just maybe they need a wakeup call.

No wonder you are stressed out and feeling drained all of the time.

As another example maybe your boss is really stressing you out with various work projects.

You shouldn’t have to feel as though your job is killing you. You will have to either confront your boss about how you are feeling or you will have to find a new job.

Do not sit at a job where you feel constantly feeling stressed and worn down.

This is where you really need to sit back and determine how much you are willing to take.

How do you unplug and recharge as an introvert? Do you find that other things work better than other things?

How to unplug and recharge as an introvert and why it is important! #introvert #introvertproblems #selfcare #mentalhealth