Three Important Ways To Use Anxiety To Dominate Your Life


Disclosure: As stated in my Full Disclosure Policy I am not a licensed doctor. This is just general information on what worked for me and my anxiety.

Anxiety has many different ways of being experienced by different people.

For one person this may mean panic attacks, for others it may be avoidance in social situations, and for others it may be feeling tense and nervous about things that they cannot even explain.

Any way a person experiences anxiety is very personal and unique. This includes how a person deals with anxiety. It may be very much different than another person who experiences anxiety.

For many people anxiety can feel overwhelming. It can be terrifying and it can also make you feel like you cannot truly be the person who you were meant to be.

Unfortunately, anxiety can just be a part of a person’s life no matter how hard they try to get “rid” of it. A lot of times it makes for sense for a person to focus on how to deal with it in a positive way.

If you read about my journey with health anxiety, you will know that I like to say that my anxiety will never just go away 100%, it is just something that I have to learn how to deal with.

One thing is for sure- almost every, even people who do not experience anxiety, seem to make it out like anxiety is this huge disadvantage to a person’s life. And it can be for certain people and for certain situations, don’t get me wrong.

But what if you were able to use your anxiety to your advantage?

You may be thinking, what in the world is positive about having anxiety? But hear me out.

Once you figure out ways to not only positively deal with your anxiety, but to also use it to your advantage you can eventually learn to take charge of your anxiety! Learn how to use your anxiety to dominate your life!

How anxiety to dominate your life! #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare #motivation

1. Use your awareness to express who you really are

As a person who experiences anxiety, you probably are quite aware of your surroundings.

Maybe you focus on your body signals and also others’ body signals and language as well- or maybe you cannot read body language well either.

Do you ever feel like you are around people who do not care about others’ feelings or maybe do not care about things in life that they really probably should care about?

For example, maybe you feel like you care more about your job compared to your coworkers. Or maybe you feel like you take parenting more serious than your partner.

Similar situations like that probably do bother you as a person with anxiety.

Think of it this way: you could easily not give a crap about your job like others, but you do! Maybe you worry a bit about your work performance, so in turn you work harder. By working harder, you climb up the career ladder and (hopefully) you will be rewarded in one way or another.

Maybe you are more mindful about social settings- despite being really nervous. You understand and watch others’ body language more than other people who do not have anxiety.

Use this situation to your advantage by helping yourself come up with a small talk conversation about noticing another person’s body language. You could say something like, “I noticed you fidget with your hands just like I do in social situations, I do it because I have some social anxiety, what about you?” Hopefully the other person finds this appropriate and it breaks the ice a little for the both of you to relax a little.

In life you will learn that some people just don’t care about certain things or people like you do. Think of yourself as a genuine and caring person, and use it to your advantage!

2. Use your anxiety to take action on things

Noticing that you have some type of anxiety is one thing, but actually dealing with the anxiety is an entire different thing.

No one actually enjoys sitting around and having anxiety. Unfortunately, it does happen. Especially to those that A. Don’t know how to deal with it, B. Do not even realize they are experiencing anxiety, and C. Don’t want to deal with it.

I have dealt with all three of those scenarios over many years.

When it comes to dealing with anxiety you may have found that if you have anxiety, the more you deal with it, the better you will feel when you do deal with it.

I know that in my life, the more I deal with my anxiety, the better it gets. No matter how hard it is to actually start to the process of dealing with it. The end is always worth it- for me at least.

Think of your anxiety in a different way. To certain extents, your anxiety may actually give you a boost to confidence (if that makes sense) to work through a certain problem that is giving you anxiety.

Once you think about the relief (hopefully) that you can have from your anxiety once you work through the problem, you can move towards a goal of getting that completed.

3. Realize that once you work through your anxiety- you can basically do anything

It can be rough working through your anxiety, but think of it this way.

Once you work through your anxiety, the feeling you will get afterwards can make you feel like you can almost do anything!

I know that once I worked through some difficult anxiety situations, it truly felt amazing to be able to get past the constant overthinking, over worrying and fear.

Take a problem one step at a time, even it is tiny steps at a time and set some goals.

Just like with anything in life, you will find that some things may work for your anxiety and some things will not. Letting go of negative energy and moving past difficult situations is just a part of life, but once you move past those situations you will feel like you can achieve anything.

How anxiety to dominate your life! #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare #motivation